DIY TEEPEE: step by step



I want to note, that English is not my mother tongue, so i apologize for my mistakes, but i am trying my best :)))))

Everybody knows that teepee is a GOOD thing. If you don’t know that yet – you’re in right place !!! Sometimes i call myself QUEEN OF TEEPEES and today i want to share my experience how to make the best teepee. To buy new teepee costs a lot and if you’re on a budget (like me) and you want to inspire your kids for new games, you need teepee 🙂 I am always repeating: EVERYBODY CAN SEW !!! And i believe in that 🙂 So You can sew 🙂 If my post is useful – offer me a ” virtual coffee”
Here is the list of materials you will need:
sewing machine
~ 6 meters fabric (2,5 m. for the doors and pole tubes, 3,5M for the sides of teepee and straps)
4 wood poles
And the most important thing is PATTERN !!!
 teepee pattern.jpeg
I am not just the queen of teepees, but i am queen of recycling too. I made this teepee from old fabrics. Just added some new materials like pom poms. So, if you really on a budget, i am sure you will find some old sheets or table clothes what you don’t like anymore, to make the new perfect teepee for your little monsters.
Draw the pieces of teepee on fabric and cut it out. Prepare you iron.
And take all 8 straps.
Iron them like that. After it will be more easy and more fast to sew.
All straps are ironed.
Take 4 little pieces and iron them like that.
You will use these little pieces to attach the scraps. Iron them all and put aside.
Usually i do double door. So if you want double, you have to cut 4 pieces. If your fabric is with pattern, take a look if it is matching together. One time i wanted to do more fast and i fold the fabric, but i didn’t watch if fabric match together. so i cut and one doors was in opposite side 😀
Sew in long and in the bottom of door. And turn inside out.


Iron and sew again. Door will be the most useful place in the teepee, so it has to be sturdy.
Why to iron? Few years ago, when i started to sew a lot, i was lazy to iron. But each time i was disappointed about my sewing, because result was not like i want, so i started to follow the tutorials and success came. So, iron, because it will be more easy to sew!!! And you will be satisfied about your results.


Take the straps and find place on the door.


If it will be more easy for you – pin together. I hate pins, so i sewn them immediately.


It has to look like that. I did the straps too low. You can learn from my mistake and do them little bit more up. Repeat last few steps with another door.img_9485
Take both piece of door and put together. Put the side ~10cm on each other (you can see at the bottom of photo) and put the “teepee front top” on. And pin them together. Here, you really need to pin and me too:) And of course sew them.img_9486
In first sew with sewing machine and after with serger. If you don’t have a serger use french seam or other seam finishing techniques. How to do french seam you can find here.


This is how seam looks like. I am sure you have question WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT LIKE THAT? Answer is very simple. Teepee has to beautiful even inside 🙂


Turn around the piece you just sewn. Clasp the seam under (that one which you sewn with serger)and sew on like that !


You almost have the teepee front ! It’s so cool, isn’t it ? In picture you see the top of the front. Sew it like that !!!


Take the strap and put it in the middle.


Take the little piece you ironed in the beginning and put it in the middle too. If you need, pin it.


Sew everything together.


Usually i sew it around and i do big zigzag in the middle. Do it strong, because the straps will keep all weight of teepee an if your fabric is heavy, attach them very strong.


Repeat the same with all sides of teepee, sew the top and attach the straps.Also take care about the bottom of teepee sides. Sew it in the same way like the top.


Now, very important moment !!! If you want tubes for poles to be outside the teepee you have to do like that. Put the side of teepee with the front side up. Then put the tube of pole folded in half ——–>


And put another side of teepee back side on the top. And of course sew them all together !!! After sew with serger or one of the other finishing techniques.


If you want tube poles to be inside the teepee put pieces like that —>
1. Side of teepee front on top
2. Side of teepee back on top
3. Tube of pole folded in half
Sew them all together and after use serger to finish.
Could you believe – your teepee is finished !!!  Now You know that you can sew!!! And you are doing it very well !!! And here is some pictures of teepee!!!


 Be free to ask all the questions and i will try my best to answer them!!! If you want to buy one of my teepees my shop is here. And you also can find me on facebook and follow my daily life on instagram !!! See you soon with new tutorials !!! The journey of sewing together is more beautiful !!!


2 thoughts on “DIY TEEPEE: step by step

  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE your house! I’m so excited to spend some more time looking. We have an outdated ranch house and I’m always looking for inspiration! Can I ask you where you got your sofa in your basement living room?


    1. I am sorry, but just now saw your comment, because of some reason it was in spam folder. This is not sofa, it was something like armchairs made of foam and which transforms into the bed 🙂 And thanks for the compliments for house!! My husband bought it 7 years ago and it was in very bad condition. I come here 4 years ago and little by little it become real home. Just one sad thing that it is really too small for our family of 5 + Boxer dog 🙂


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