Jeans into dress


Recycle is the new black !!! I hope that very soon it will be more popular to recycle your own clothes than to buy new ones !!! Each time i buy new clothes for me, i feel very guilty. I can’t afford for me ethical clothes, so i buy the ones are made in poor countries, where often works kids…but i can afford for me RECYCLING. It costs nothing, just some of my time. I was thinking about this dress quite long time, but never can’t decide about style of dress. So here it is .
These jeans were waiting few months and i done them. As You already know, i try to keep all the clothes which are possible to recycle – upcycle. And the time for jeans came. I cut them in pieces and sewn all together.


I got piece of “new” fabric . I found pattern i like, this dress is called tulip dress . I cut fabric, i sewn and here it is NEW perfect dress . I know it sounds like abra cadabra, but it was something like that.
I enjoyed each moment of creating new fabric and after the time to sew dress went really fast. I did it in 4-5 hours and i used 3 pair of adult size jeans and 3 pair of kid size jeans.
Please be free to ask all the question about jeans recycling – upcycling !!! If you want to contact me personally, go to “contact”.
And here is a dress and of course me !!!!

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