Weekender bag: step by step tutorial


I look at this picture and i laugh, because i think i have “problems” with blue color. Blue dress, blue bag…. and blue follow me everywhere
So, weekender is really good and needful thing. Lots of people think that weekender is very little, but for me it is even good for one week travel. In our family we are 5 people, so everybody has their own bag and they are quite little. But like that my 2 older ( 5 and 6 years old) can pack and take their bags by them selves.
I also use this kind of bag for swimming pool. So it will work for gym or other activities. So and now it’s time to work.
Like always i used old fabrics, the flower print is an old bed sheet 🙂 The zip came from some old clothes.
All the measures are given here – works just for this size of bag 32*30*20 cm.If you want a deeper bag you need to widen both the zipper panel and the gusset panel, the length of them would stay the same.

If you want to change the width of the bag you would need to widen the front/back panel as well increasing the length on the zipper and gusset panels.

If you want a wider and deeper bag then do both of the above. So be free to experiment !!!


You will need
1. 66 * 100 cm fabric for inside of bag
2. 66 * 100 cm fabric for outside of bag
3. 66 * 46 cm sturdy fabric for the bottom of bag
4. 12 * 70 cm fabric for handles (2 pieces)
5. 10 * 20 cm fabric for little pieces of fabric, i will explain after for what they will be used. (2 pieces)
6. After you will need some little pieces of fabric to finish inside seams.
Prepare your iron.


Iron the handles, 2 little pieces of fabric, and the sides of sturdy fabric.


Sew them like you see in picture and put them aside.


Take the outer fabric and put on the table. Take the sturdy fabric, put it in the middle and baste it with pins.


Sew the sturdy fabric on the outer fabric. Ha ha, it looks like that my blue fabric went awry, by we will see 😀


Take the outer fabric and put it with the good side up. And put the zip bad side down. Change the foot of your sewing machine. If you don’t have the foot for zip, you can do with the regular foot as well, just baste zip with the pins.


Take the outer fabric(where you just sewn the zip ) and put it good side up ( the most cool thing is, that i was looking for the right verb of word sew and i find that it come from the Indo – european language group, so it means, that it’s almost the same like in my language Lithuanian !!!! Sew – siūti. You have to pronounce like “sewtee” . ha ha, sorry for interruption :D) So, the outer fabric good side up and the inner fabric good side down. And sew them together. Try to sew on the same seam like you sew the zip.


I turn it over to another side, just to see the seam of zip and i sew it on.


You should have something like that. Switch on your iron


Iron the fabric like you see in picture.


Sew one more time (black seam in the picture)


Take the fabric and put outer fabric up. Then take it(blue in the picture) fabric and fold in half. Make the outer fabric in the same level as zip. Sew it.


Turn over to the other side. Fold the inner fabric and make in the same level as zip and sew it together.


Now you should have something like that.


Turn over to the other side and iron. Sew the seam in the bottom (zip bottom)the same as you did for the top.


You should have something like that!!! Isn’t it cool ? You done the most hard part !! Change your sewing machine foot into regular one.


Turn over to the other side and prepare two little pieces which you did in the beginning.


Take the little piece and fold it in half. Put under the zip in both sides and baste with pins.


Open the zip 10cm. And baste with pins both ends of bag. And sew.


You should have something like that.


Important moment. If you want that the deep of the bag would be 20 cm, you need to mark 11 cm to both size from the zip.


Another important moment. If you already decided how many centimeters will be the deep of your bag, count how many centimeters is left from the side. In my bag it was 14 cm. So, you have to draw SQUARES. My squares was 14 * 14 cm.


You should have kind a strange thing 😀


Now it is a time when you will need little extra piece of fabric. The long of piece has to be like the side of bag. And 4-5 cm in width.


Put the bag zip down and the little piece good side down. Sew it on the bag like in the picture.


Turn over to the other side. Fold the little piece and sew it. After, take the corners of square (which are in the middle) and straighten them. The blue band has to be in the middle.


The side of bag has to look like that !!!


Sew all 4 sides of bag.


Measure how long are the sides of bag. Add few centimeters(in long)  and cut 4 pieces 4-5 cm in width.


Use the same seam finishing technique as before. Don’t forget to fold the top and bottom. I hope that You  left the zip opened 🙂  AND… Your bag is almost finished, isn’t it cool ?!


Take the handles. Find place for them on the bag. I put my handles 5 cm from the sides. And 8 cm from the sturdy (dark blue) fabric. Sew the handles on. And now you can prepare for your weekend journey 🙂
Some photos of bag 🙂

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