My name is Ruta, i am a mom of 3 little monsters and a wife of perfect man 🙂 We live in little village in France. For now i work at home, but my future plan is to have my studio, where i can work, create, spend time or teach another people, that to be creative is very easy and that it gives happiness.

I think that one of the most important things in woman life is to create. To do something with your hands by heart:) We can have a lot of money, but it never will make us happy. Creativity CAN make us happy. Sharing CAN make us happy. And when we are happy, when we do what we want, when we create our world, everything goes by it self 🙂

Everyday I repeat to myself that life is very beautiful. Sometimes, days are long and boring, sometimes, me – like YOU – I want nothing, just to stare at black point in white wall. But almost always, I look to my children, i look to my husband and I understand that my life is perfect as it can be:)

My head is always full of ideas. Ideas to create. Very often it is crazy ideas, but i believe in what i do:) I have one of favorites writers. And she say “If you don’t go out in the woods, nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.” So, i can bravely say “I live MY life, with MY ideas, with MY passion to create and I am enough brave, everyday to go out in the woods and to meet the wolf.

Go in YOUR woods and meet YOUR wolves. And create. Always create beauty from Your heart.


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